Bleeding Control

Bleeding Control

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Civilians need basic training in Bleeding Control principles so they are able to provide immediate, front line aid until first responders are able to take over care of an injured person. Due to many situations, there may be a delay between the time of injury and the time a first responder is on the scene. Without civilian intervention in these circumstances, preventable deaths will occur

The "Stop The Bleed" campaign was launched during an event at the White House, to provide bystanders of emergency situations with the tools and knowledge to stop life threatening bleeding. NAEMT participated in the launch of this White House initiative, and has endorsed the Stop the Bleed campaign. NAEMT was recognized at the launch for its work in developing the Bleeding Control for the Injured (B-Con) course to teach basic life-saving medical interventions, including bleeding control with a tourniquet, bleeding control with gauze packs or topical hemostatic agents, and opening an airway to allow a casualty to breathe. The course is designed for NON-tactical law enforcement officers, firefighters, security personnel, teachers and other civilians requiring this basic training.